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How Often Should I Email My List?

A common question I see regularly popping up on internet marketing forums and online communities is ‘how often should I email my list?’

To be completely honest there is no right or wrong answer to this, although I would go as far as to say that where autoresponder messages are concerned you should be looking to mail every day for the first few days, and then decrease it after that to maybe three or four times a week. It is up to you though.

In terms of broadcast emails (when you simply send out a one-time message to all your subscribers) perhaps a better question is ‘WHEN should I email my list?’
The answer is quite simply when you have something of value to offer them! I’m sure we have all seen the marketers who push out promo after promo without giving any real value. Some people mail twice every day. Whilst that may be profitable initially, you’re probably going to end up with a list that becomes really unresponsive…

The best way to create a responsive list and build a strong relationship with your subscribers is to always put their interests before those of your own. Forget about how much money you think you will make by sending out a particular promo – ask yourself if the people on your list will actually WANT to receive this email?

There’s another issue arising here: the ratio of promos to content emails. You can actually make your content emails become promo emails too. Give some valuable information and then include a subtle promotional link somewhere within the text that points to an offer which is related to the subject of the message. Mix these in with purely promotional emails and try to create a balance between the two.

If you have regular autoresponder emails which are sent out to your subscribers then this may too have a bearing on when you choose to send out broadcast emails.

Ultimately I think people generally don’t mind how often you email them as long as you are giving value each time. If someone emailed you twice a day but each time you actually enjoyed the email and got value from it then I don’t think you would be too bothered. If someone was emailing you twice a day with a junk promo however then obviously your opinion would be somewhat different.

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